1.About IDYF

1.1 Our Mission

        Our mission is “Design Our Future.” We aim to create a better future with like-minded youth from both developed and developing countries together, who have different views on development, depending on where they were born and raised. We hope that the participants to build and reinforce mutual understandings toward development and recognize global issues as common challenges.

  In 2017, the highly motivated and qualified 42 participants from 35 countries/regions came to Tokyo, selected out of as many as 3212 applicants from 149 countries/regions. Aside from discussion among the participants, we invited professionals from various fields to provide profoundly valuable talks for them and arrange the environment where future leaders in the field of international development can

  Beyond the great success in 2017, IDYF 2018 will exceed the previous forum by welcoming as many highly passionate youth, who are willing to “design our future” with us in Tokyo, Japan.


1.2 What IDYF 2018 Aspires to Achieve


“How should we co-exist with ICT? Does ICT bring us peril or prosperity?”

IDYF 2018 addresses the issues of co-existence between human and technology, under our philosophy of “Design Our Future.” We cannot live without technology in the contemporary world. Technology are everywhere - medical care, healthcare and welfare, manufacturing, transportation, communications, education, commerce, governance - every corner of the society. The use and prevalence of technology has greatly enhanced quality of life and continuously made life comfortable for us to lead.

  On the other hand, there are some gloomy statements such as “Machines are robbing human being of their job” or “AI or Robots have riots and rebel against humans and our civilisation will comes to an end.” This indicates that we might need to hold a doubt about the absolute utility of technology.

   IDYF 2018 offers a dedicated place for youth, regardless of the place of birth or domicile, to absorb themselves in an intense and exciting discussions. We guarantee that such an experience is enlightening and inspiring, shaping the participants into the leaders in the next generations.


1.3 The Discussion Theme for IDYF2018 and Case Studies


“How could the use/advancement of ICT contribute to achieving inclusiveness within society?”


  Nowadays, the world is said to be entering the era of “The 4th Industrial Revolution (IR)” following three precursors - namely, the 1st IR relying on steam, the 2nd IR relying on electricity and the 3rd IR relying on technology, respectively. The 4th IR which we are currently witnessing might be hard to capture as a whole, builds on the 3rd one but still is distinct and different from even its direct predecessor in that it integrates and fuses a variety of technology, bridging all different sectors and subjects together. More notably, it blurs the borders between physical, psychological, material, digital and biological spheres.

  This urges us to rethink, redefine and reconfigure virtually every aspect of our lives: we might have passed the point of return in the advancement and dependence on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) since it has permeated into all strata of global society, hardly felt in some places but thoroughly impactful in others. There is no better time for youth to discuss (1) where we are in the middle of such a wide-ranging radical change; and (2) whether we should follow in the current trajectory or redirect it, or even switch to an entirely new track.


1.4 Case studies

In the forum, participants will be divided into 6 teams and each team will analyze one of the case studies and plan solutions.


Case studies are;

  • Introducing ICT into working style reform in Japan
  • ICT application into Agriculture in Vietnam
  • Role of ICT in post-conflict reconciliation in Colombia

For more information on the  case studies, please refer to the PROGRAM

2.Application Information

2.1 Schedule

From March 11th Sun. to 18th Sun.,  2018


2.2 Location


National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (NYC)
Address: 3-1 Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0052
Phone number: (+81) 334692525
Website:   http://nyc.niye.go.jp/en/


2.3 Eligibility

  • Those who are around 18 to 28 years old
  • Those who have not participated in previous IDYFs
  • Fluency in English for discussion and presentation
  • Must be able to attend all programs during the forum

2.4 Desirable Attitudes

  • Active in discussion
  • Open-minded with creative ideas and diversified values ž
  • Eager to tackle development problems, using the experience of IDYF2018

2.5 Intake


Approximately 40


2.6 Participation Fee


If you are selected to participate in IDYF 2018, you will be required to pay 36,000 JPY, which covers your accommodation, meals, and transportation fees for field trip during the conference dates during the forum (Sun. 11 March to Sun. 18 March 2018).


*It doesn’t include transportation fees from the airport to the venue, accommodation fee before / after the program, or insurance.

*Optional tour on 18th is not covered.

*Payment details will be announced after the results of the selection.


2.7 Self-funded and Scholarship Applicantions


IDYF 2018 has two separate application forms, one for self-funded candidates, and another for scholarship candidates. Note that you cannot apply for both.

This year, scholarships will be given to up to three applicants who show extraordinary skills, experiences or knowledge on each of the case studies but have financial difficulties to cover participation fees AND flight tickets.


*You still have to cover the visa fees if needed and transportation fees from the airport to the venue for the conference. 

*Applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship must submit the application form for scholarship applicants. Only those who passed the document screening will be invited to Skype interview

*Applicants who wish to apply for the scholarship must submit the application form for scholarship applicants, not the one for the self-funded applicants.  Those who passed the document screening will be invited to Skype interview.

3.How to Apply

Application for self-funded participants is now closed as of 17th December 2017.

Note that we extend the deadline till 25th December 2017, 23:59 JST (GMT/UTC +09:00) as for SCHOLARSHIP APPLICANTS



For Self-funded Applicants (Closed on 17th December 2017)

For Scholarship Applicants (To be closed on 25th December 2017)



1. You cannot apply through both the self-funded and scholarship applications.

2. The server we use for applications is originally used by Japanese companies. Therefore, you will find some   Japanese words in parts of the application process. Please follow this link in order to make sure that your application is acceptable.

3. On the day of the deadline, it is very likely that website will be down because of too much traffic. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to apply in good time. 


3.1 Essay questions in the application

 1.    What do you want to achieve after IDYF, using the fruits of discussion? (approximately 200 words)

2.1. Please describe your definition of “inclusive society.” (approximately 150 words)

2.2. How do you think ICT would affect the way of development concerning your specialising area? (approximately 200 words)

3.1. Please describe your experience that you made an effort so that you actively involve others to achieve a shared goal and the outcome of such an effort. (approximately 250 words)

3.2. Please describe the situation you strived to understand and respect others to collaborate/cooperate with them. (approximately 200 words)

4. Please describe your practical experiences, if any, in relation to developmental issues.(approximately 150 words) *Preferably, your stories should have the relevance to Agriculture, Social welfare or Employment but we would love to hear any kind of stories from you.

5. (*Scholarship applicants only) What are your advantages or past experiences that is conducive to this forum? Please Check ONE box below as a theme of your essay, and identify and describe your  experience or knowledge specially related to any of the IDYF 2018 case studies. (200-300 words)


(1)Skills, experience, or knowledge in relation to "Introducing ICT into working style reform in Japan"

(2)Skills, experience, or knowledge in relation to "ICT application into Agriculture in Vietnam"

(3)Skills, experience, or knowledge in relation to "Role of ICT in post-conflict reconciliation in Colombia"

(4)Other skills, experience or knowledge  




3.2 Application Procedure


[Closed] Deadline for Self-funded Application: 17th December 2017, 23:59 (JST)

Deadline for Scholarship Application: 25th December 2017, 23:59 (JST)

  • Applications that arrive after the deadline shall not be accepted.
  • A confirmation email will be sent after successful submission. If not, please send us an email.
  • You can submit the application form only once. Even if you submit more than twice, only  the first one will be counted.

Interview for Scholarship candidates  

Those who passed the document screening will be invited to Skype interview.

The schedule of interview will be informed via email in the middle of January 2018.

*Interviews are not held for Self-funded candidates


Announcement of the Selection Results 

Successful self-funded applicants will be notified of their results on our website by 31st December 2017. We will post the list of the applicants who passed our selection. Successful scholarship applicants will be noticed via e-mail around the middle of January.

If you are selected as a member of IDYF2018, we will send you an e-mail to confirm your participation in our  forum. In case you didn’t pass this selection process, we will not send any information to you.  

*Once you passed the selection, you cannot cancel your participation.


4.Other Things to Note

4.1 Visa Arrangements 


※Participants are to arrange required visa on their own.

As this may take some time, please complete it well before your trip to Japan. If you require any documents (e.g. invitation letter), please inform us so that we could provide you with them.

Visa expenses are not included in the participation fee. 

4.2 Accommodation before and after the program


For those who wish to stay in Japan before or after the forum, please arrange your accommodation by yourself. The expenses will not be covered by IDYF 2018.

4.3 Optional Sightseeing Tour


On March 18th, we will organise a sightseeing tour in Tokyo. The details will be announced later.

*It is not covered by participation fee for the forum (36,000JPY).


5.Contact Details