IDYF2017 Staff Member


Sayaka Tahara
Senior majoring in economics at the University of Tokyo

I believe that people exchanging views and ideas and cultivating shared empathy and understanding helps build life-long networks. I also hope that IDYF2017 will be a place where people can broaden their horizons and begin to change. All the 
staff members working at IDYF 2017 will put in an effort to make the time that we spend here precious and worthwhile.

General Affairs

Nodoka Yokokawa

Senior majoring in literature and education at Ochanomizu University

When I go to different countries, I have many things that I think but I feel that there are not many places where I can share my ideas. Therefore, the thoughts I have come up with would not become deep. At IDYF, we can share many ideas with various people. We would be able to connect our experiences to our future. I would like many of the participants to feel that they have changed after joining IDYF.

Public Relations, Accountant

Kana Hashimoto

Graduate School of Public Policy, the University of Tokyo

Development” covers a wide scope of activities, and as a result, everyone has contact with it in some way. What should that be like? I am very much looking forward to spending this time with all of you — youth from around the world who share the desire to "design a better future” — and thinking together and having discussions to come up with with insightful values. As a member of organizing team I am in charge of public relations and accounts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the corporations and organizations that support IDYF, and I hope this event will give participants the opportunity to be exposed to a wide variety of values and to improve their skills.


Saki Kuzushima

Senior majoring in arts and sciences at University of Tokyo


  I am very excited to be an organising member of IDYF 2017 since the conference is going to directly question what I have struggled with for a long time: what “Development” means. On the conference, I would like to discuss not only practical questions like how to manage development projects efficiently, but also more critical questions, such as what should be the ideal goal of development, and why development is such an entangled idea. I am looking forward to encountering new people and innovative ideas! 


Misaki Saito

Senior majoring in literature and education at Ochanomizu University

I believe the experience to work toward a mutual goal in IDFY with people from all over the world will be very precious for all of you to survive your future career. Other office members and I make every endeavor to promise you a valuable week with opportunities to work together with your new friends!

General Affairs

Yoshikawa Ayano

Junior majoring in literature and education at Ochanomizu University

   I am very delighted to be a project member of the fifth International Development Youth Forum, IDYF 2017. As one of the managers of general affairs, I will be in charge of the schedule, pareparation of VISA for all participants, planning of sightseeing, and many more so that all participants will be able to get the most out of our forum. I hope you will gain the most valuable life experience here in Tokyo. If you have any question, please do not hesitate and feel free to ask!

Public Relations, Accountant

Yujie Dou

Senior majoring in economics at the University of Tokyo

We, the members of International Development Youth Forum, are dedicated to providing a place to discuss about international development and create a network for students who have desire to work in the international development field.  We are trying our best to achieve the goal of providing this opportunity for all the participants with passion and persistency.


Natsumi Otakara

Senior majoring in Liberal Arts at Tsukuba University

I would love to make this year’s forum a place we all can find an answer (at least a hint) to the never ending questions: “What is development?” “What kind of option do I have for my future?” Myself, trying to get into the field of development, also struggle a lot to find the answers to these questions but that is why, I am keen to create a program which will be beneficial for all of us, using my participant’s-side-point of view! See you in March!

Public Relations
Mayu Sato

Sophomore majoring in International Liberal Arts at Juntendo University

  Aid organizations that engage in international development without serious consideration for the values of those receiving development aid not only act irresponsibly and fail to benefit aid recipients, they also cause nothing less than a self-indulgent tragedy for those receiving the “aid.”In addition to considering their own expertise and experience, aid organizations must always remain conscious of aid recipients’ values when discussing development solutions.


General Affairs

Asami Takahashi

Senior majoring in human sciences at Osaka University


   Even if your major at university or your current career do not directly relate to "International Development", here is your chance to broaden your horizons and connect to people with different backgrounds and experiences through "Deisigning Your Future" at IDYF. The office members are working hard to offer a truly exciting experience in Tokyo and I am looking forward to meeting those enthusiastic young people from all over the world to create another great forum together in March 2017!

General Affairs

Rise Nomura

Sophomore majoring in psychology at Gakusyuin Universty

My attraction to IDYF lies in the concept of “Design Our Future”. I currently work with a volunteer project that operates in a small village in Borneo, and the experience has made me realize that the type of urbanized life existing in developed countries is not necessarily better. We spend less time examining what our happiness and the issues we face as a result of modernization and its practicalities. However the fundamental question of, “What kind of life does one wish to lead?” is one that has as many answers as there are people. If discussions concerning international development were to seriously consider such questions, it is only natural that these discussions reflect an array of perspectives that expand across the global community. I believe that it is by sharing our views that we can open more paths for more prosperous and fulfilled lives, and “Design Our Future” fully embodies this belief.

Public Relations, Accountant

Mizuki Kaneda

Senior, majoring in economics at the University of Tokyo

When studying development economics,  I sometimes wonder if I am learning about what people really need. When I visit developing countries, I often feel disappointment at the gap between the real world and what I have studied. IDYF invites people with various backgrounds from countries all over the world: those who are studying development as a part of their education, those who are facing problems in the field, and also those who are responsible for initiating programs and policies. IDYF is a place where those people will share what they have seen, heard and learned, and begin to shape an ideal society together, confronting the many problems they encounter. I believe that this is the most important thing for "development" and that is why I became a part of the IDYF2017 team.



Misato Suda

Senior majoring Russian Language at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Since I entered university, I have been involved in NGO which supports children and schools in Philippines. When I was on exchange in Australia, I studied Development Studies. For the past five years as a university student, there has been a lot chances to think about what “Development” is. This is a big topic even now for the people studying development and working at the field of development. I am proud to be a part of committee member of IDFY2017 and hope that many passionate people from all over the world would share their opinion with us on what “Development” is to you.