IDYF2018 Committee

Rise Nomura, Representative

I volunteered in a village in Borneo for two years. Since then, I have strived to provide various people with opportunities to design the society they live in. Meanwhile, I  took part in IDYF2017 and an international conference on women's empowerment, and, most recently, finished an internship on regional vitalization in Japan. Among these experiences, IDYF stands out for its diversity. On average, we receive  more than 3000 applications every year from more than 130 countries. I think that such a comprehensive student gathering is so rare. At the same time, this also implies that so many countries and regions are interested in international development and our activities. Bearing this in mind, we aim to make the  IDYF2018 conference an  even better one, where everyone can actively play a leading role in debating  about international development.

Eva Nelson, General Affairs

IDYF not only provides a space that fosters debates about international development for a range of people from across the globe: it goes beyond that. Our aim is to fill the gap between international development as an academic discipline and its real-life implications, providing more than just a platform for vague discussions. Our conference is not just an ephemeral think tank, but an opportunity to challenge participants’ preconceptions and assumptions on the subject of development. It requires them to think beyond the timeline of the conference by crafting realistic solutions to be implemented in their own countries. I joined the IDYF organising committee to ensure that what makes our conference unique, also makes it good, and strive to make it even better.

Madeleine Hahn de Bykhovetz, General Affairs

I am part of the General Affairs team for the IDYF 2018 Committee. Making the most of its diversity and internationalism, I would love to make the forum as impactful as possible through concrete and feasible outcomes. In my opinion, rather than deepening theoretical discussions, taking action towards making a meaningful change is a much more fulfilling goal for this conference. It seems to me that IDYF could truly help youth make a difference, which is why I am very grateful to be a part of this project.

Mayu Sato, Liaison & Accounting

Since I’m in charge of Liasion and Accounting this year, my main job is to obtain wide trust and deep understanding about IDYF activity from the society, especially in the form of  financial supports. Also, I’m going to support all the applicants to make the best use of this forum throughout the conference period.As my clear target, I do not  want to make  this forum only a transient discussion.Rather than that, I am eager to make IDYF an organisation that keeps creating substantial outputs in the field of International Development in the future!

Mako Kamakura, Liaison & Accounting

At IDYF, I am in charge of Liasion and Accounting. In order to run a successful forum, it is essential to cooperate with companies and other large organizations. My task is to promote the IDYF conference with as many people of various fields as possible, spark their interest, and enlist their support. I strongly hope that all the participants will be able to have a fruitful discussion and enjoy it. We will work hard towards our forum and to support you all. Thank you!


Shio Bo, Research

What is important is not the discussion itself, but the result of discussion or lessons learned through discussion. Until the end of this forum, I would like to absorb any knowledge regarding both good and bad side of ICT, and know the various opinions of youths around the world.

Yuho Sasamori, General Affairs

I assume that this is a very precious opportunity for youth from all around the world to share opinions and make discussion on inter national development earnestly.I will support the network created in Tokyo between future global leaders so that itself become better and better. And I will work hard to make this community valuable for a long time to come.

Haruka Matsui, Research & PR

I applied for the IDYF 2018 committee because I wanted to create the space for youth to think deeply and exchange views about global issues we share in the world. I have already participated in several similar conferences before, and IDYF was unique in that it is open to “youth,” who might not be students anymore but still considered to be young, as well as students. As I have been eager to energise and activate youth in Japan and also around the world, I believe that I can achieve this goal through serving as a committee member. I strive to realise that the IDYF 2018 hold lots of fruitful discussions!